Sunday, August 21, 2011

Khadr-loving-CBC is getting walloped good and proper ....

not only at their own website here but also at several places in the blogosphere here, here, here and here and probably at many other blogs too.

Oh... happy day !! hahahahaha !!!

I bet the CBC regrets asking Canadians to "Tell us what the CBC means to you ...My CBC is..."  Yea, yup ... we are telling you alright !  Now do you hear us CBC and James Moore ?????? 
The 3rd link has copied some comments from the piece at CBC and they are all excellent.

Here are some more many of you will like and agree with:

My CBC calls TERRORISTS "gunmen", as if they robbed a bank or a store. Sometimes my CBC calls TERRORISTS "militants" as if they were only rebelling mildly.
This is especially true when reporting on terror attacks on Israel

My state broadcaster would not try to infuence a Federal Election by inviting Canadians to take a questionire, the results finding them to be closet Liberals.

My CBC does not reflect current Canadian opinions and attitudes very well.

Employees (top to bottom) are hired for life and the composition of this organization is largely the result of hirings of by-gone liberal administrations.

Therefore we often get distorted leftist filtered viewpoints on subjects which do not connect with the modern day Canadian audience very well and there is little effort or ability to be balanced.

CBC has become more and more foreign to its own Canadian audience and indiferent to change ... Because it is subsidized by our own tax dollars , it can continue to mock the people who pay for it.

My CBC employs some of the least intelligent, most biased journalists in Canada.

My CBC hasn't made a comedy that could produce a single laugh since The King of Kensington went off the air.

I don't watch anything on CBC because CBC is funded by government, and grossly biased against my core values. You did not post the names of the guilty war criminals (IDIOTS!!!), you tried to hire a separatist (IDIOTS!!) and you are grossly anti-Israel (SHAME ON YOU!!!). Hence CBC is nothing to me but a total waste of my tax dollars.

Long live Sun News!

What the CBC means to me is horribly left-wing biased editorialisation in the guise of NEWS.

To me, it is an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars to keep this pinko organization running.
I NEVER watch CBC TV anymore, because I find it too nauseatingly socialist.
I NEVER listen to CBC radio for the same reasons..
I very occasionally read a CBC item on the Web, just to confirm whether the CBC is continuing down its leftist road.

We do not need the CBC. Canada would be better off without the Communist Broadcasting Corporation in countless ways.

My CBC is a relentless, non-accountable drain on taxpayer dollars, and a public organization that somehow has not had its mandate updated is several decades

For me the defining moment of the CBC came in 1995, when Ian Brown (then-host of Sunday Morning on Radio One) declared that anyone who had ever called for less government shared the blame for the Oklahoma City bombing

My CBC refuses to address Freedom Of Information requests. 900 of them so far.

My CBC refuses to let the Canadians, who line their pockets with their taxpayer dollars, see how they are spending our money. They ignore freedom of information requests and refuse to release any financial or other information w/o a court order - beyond ludicrous

My CBC really wants to avoid being reminded of this:

My CBC forgot OUR GREATEST CANADIAN! wrote his masters thesis on Eugenics:

My CBC holds Michael Moore film festivals almost every election then whines about American influence in Canada.

a bloated dinosaur that needs to be privatised/scrapped/sold off. You pick the method, I don't care. I just want it off my back

I use to like the CBC until I realized they were so biased against Christians and the Church.

Now I think it should be shut down.

If our elected governments are answerable to the people who elect them and the CBC (tax funded by the same people) does not answer to our government....or US..............then WHO DOES the CBC answer to...?

From what I am able to have gathered over the years..........the CBC seems to be a power unto itself......with no one to answer to......!

My CBC protects war criminals:

My CBC will debase Canada by broadcasting "truther" garbage on the ten year anniversary of 9/11.

My CBC is the training camp for Al Jazeera.

My CBC is a leftest propaganda that waiste 1.1 Billion dollars a year of taxpayers money

The CBC is nothing but the media arm of the left wing politico in Canada. The CBC is paid by tax payers to present only the leftist view and that makes me really angry.

The people who work at the CBC are over-paid and downright nasty to anyone who doesn't toe the socialist, multiculturalist, redistributionist, utopian line of the CBC Marxists who waste over a billion tax dollars a years.

Privatize the CBC NOW!

The CBC has declined in its online coverage. It has lost its balance and often opposing views seem to be missing in any depth.

When the Asian Tsunami occurred on Dec 26, 2004, soon after, I remember watching news reports about the size of the disaster and the massive efforts for humanitarian relief that were underway.
I remember watching one TV channel that showed how huge US medical ships were almost immediately bringing water and medical assistance to the area, treating the victims.
Then checking CBC coverage, they had an "in-depth report" on the effects of the tsunami on local animal life - chipmunks and such.
That only reinforced my impression that when you want the real story, skip over the CBC, because they will be broadcasting spin and 'politically correct' drivel.

the CBC should be called the LBC for its one one sided, single minded, tabloid blinded news articles.
Harper should shut you down.

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