Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Toilet Bowls of the blogosphere

I am five months into blogging and even for a newbie I can see how the toilet bowl blogspots of the Left spend their time reading through the Conservative blogs and then writing about what those blogs are saying or linking to those blogs with the most stupid of comments.

These toilet bowl bloggers, ceaselessly label Conservative bloggers as: whiny, racist, stalkers of Mark Steyn, douchebags, retarded, brainless, ridiculous, cementheads, worthless, hideous, doughheads, assholes, deranged, whackjobs, wingnuts, etc.

And all the above terms are from just 2 lefty bloggers and from five postings combined within the last 48 hours.

And, here are some examples of the kind of thinking that is clogging up the toilet bowls (brains) of the Left , re. the terrorist that went on a rampage at Fort Hood:
"Again, I am sorry for the victims and their families, but I'm sure there is a story the army and media are careful not to tell us. If the man is sick or he became disturbed due to the nature of his work and the stories he heard, then he needs help and I hope he gets it." sister sage musings
"But he turned into an angry critic of the wars America was waging in Iraq and Afghanistan and had tried in vain to negotiate his discharge." Canadian Cynic quotes from a link."
Ah, the well-established terrorist tactic of trying to get as far away from the enemy as possible. Does the evil of these people know no limits?" Canadian Cynic - make of this what you will. This messed up person is beyond redemption.
"People who, in the face of indescribable tragedy, understand emotional trauma and the possible consequences of when someone finally reaches their snapping point." Canadian Cynic - the coward is again linking from somewhere else but quoting stuff that he actually thinks.
And, from the commentors at Canadiaqn Cynic's blog, T-Guy comes across as a middle-eastern Jew hater. Why, you ask? Go and read his comments yourself.
And, again Canadian Cynic  with this drivel:

LET THE STUPID BEGIN: Unsurprisingly, we have Canada's Blogging Tories, getting stuff wrong already:

The shooter was Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim psychiatrist in the US Army. He was a convert to Islam,

And then there's reality:

Contrary to prior reports, Hasan has "always been Muslim" and is not a recent convert.

Not that facts have ever mattered much to those blithering yahoos

This "blithering yahoo" has ignored the fact that the MSM were full of headlines stating that the scum terrorist of Fort Hood was a recent convert but in his zest to show us as speculators he goes ahead and states that we, the Conservative bloggers are the ones who  have come to that incorrect conclusion.

And, because these are toilet bowls, I never refrain from using them as such on every visit. Do into toilet bowls what you do into them


  1. I know the people of whom you speak. I have experience in this matter. If you ignore them, they go away, but you also lose 30% or more of your site traffic. It is really damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  2. I feel your pain. It's impossible to read comments without something like that being posted - why, when a left-leaning person has no argument, do they feel it necessary to fall back on toddler-like criticisms?

  3. Careful, those lefties like to sue people.

  4. Ignore them. That bothers them the most.

  5. I would argue some in the left are starting to realize a most terrifying probablity. You see the "snake oil" you have been peddling is getting rejected, it is natural to blow a gasket.

    The left has been shrinking for months less than 30 regular blogger with less than 50 regular posters in lib bloggers.

  6. Amen to that CanadianSense - their snake oil is not being bought any more. Many leftists are becoming more and more disenchanted with Leftish ideas and I had said so here:

  7. They particularly seem to enjoy omitting the half of any story that doesn't serve their purposes.

  8. Interesting observation, but "Ford Hood"?

  9. Fat Arse - better observation proof reader.

  10. Great post. I have been flushed by toilet bowl bloggers.

  11. SisterSage has put up a posting calling me a "racist bitch". This is my response to her and I am also posting it here, because although these lefties criticize Conservative bloggers for moderation of comments at our blogs, many of them do exactly the same thing.

    Hmmmm ... that's rich. A brown person being labelled a "racist" by a loony leftie. Come to think of it, if one hates muslims who follow a murderer as their prophet, then that's racism, eh? Can you say "racist" a 100 times without swallowing chunks of your foul tongue down your tobacco lined throat.? Making apologies for a terrorist dog who mowed down 13 soldiers makes me wonder if you are like one of those brainless women who have the hots for hardened criminals on death row. Is that what it is ? Are you panting for the terrorist scum from Fort Hood? You are an empty headed person and I bet in those rare lucid moments which hopefully come to you at least once every couple of years, you knowledge the fact that's what you will ever be. Empty headed and incapable of thinking straight.
    So, according to the little knotty mess in your skull that you assume sadly to be your brain, you think incorrectly that it is racist thing to call a terrorist a "terrorist". So, in your books the scum that I call terrorist is "sick or he became disturbed due to the nature of his work and the stories he heard, then he needs help and I hope he gets it." Right!!! The only "help" he should get is a road-map to the nearest electric chair. Now, go cry a bucket for your darling scum and continue writing him reams of passionate love letter that women of your ilk are prone to do.
    Gotta laugh at you leftie snarks. You love to dish it out but when forced take a spoonful of your own concoction you guys cry "mummeeeeeeeee, daddeeeeeeeeee........she beattttttttt me, she beattttttttttttt meee waaaaaaaaah". Get out of the sandbox if you cannot bear to get sand in your hair.
    And, Yes, Yup, Definitely .... I moderate the comments on my blog. Don't you ? Freedom of speech from MY PERSPECTIVE is what I value, not infantile comments from nitwits like you.
    And, oh before I forget, I will post this in my blog's comments section too. Just in case you do like me and moderate the comments you receive.
    See, I think of all the angles.


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