Friday, November 20, 2009

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin... a mantra so loud, I have gone deaf

There is so much being said, for and against Palin, that both the Right and the Left are giving her more publicity than she would have got, even if she had the money to hire Soros's own PR firm on a 10 Million dollars contract. As people in the PR industry will tell you, even bad publicity gets "popularity points" in the "Name game", because keeping a person alive in the short term memories of the populace is the ultimate goal of all PR projects.

Those who say that Sarah Palin would make a great Prez, show ample examples of her well proven methods employed during her tenure as the Governor in Alaska. There is a story that was published some months ago about how Palin used to keep a jar of  names with telephone numbers of Alaska citizens on slips of paper, on her desk. Once a week she would let her hand drop into the jar and randomly pull out some of the slips and call up those numbers and ask simple questions: "How are we doing? Are we doing a good job? What improvements would you like to see in Alaska?"

People who know first-hand about Palin's character and her mode of governance will stand by her through thick and thin and will throw away the criticism that is a daily persecution of this lady, into the garbage bin alongwith some rotten shrimp to keep good company.

I was in Alaska in mid 2007 and during my short stay there, I saw how the newspapers spoke with pride about their young governor and her successful accomplishments in their economy. There was not a single day that Palin did not venture out of her office to attend some function or talk to school gatherings... at least not when I was a guest of her beautiful State of Alaska..

Personally, and because I am a die-hard realist, 2012 is too soon for Palin to run for the presidency. Suffice to say, that the first woman president of the USA will be Palin, make no mistake about that...whether it happens in 2012 or later ... it is just a matter of time.

Now that Rudy Giuliani's name is being brandished  about.... if I had to make a choice between Giuliani and the other two guys, Huckabee and Romney .... my choice would be Giuliani. Yes, the man pulled down his pants for someone other than his wife and shame on him for that. However, the good news is that everyone knows about that scandal so if there are more skeletons in his closets, the infidelity one has already bitten dust.

However, nobody in their right minds, should dismiss Palin as a nominee and ultimate winner in 2012. Three years before Obama got elected, if you were to have made a statement like "Obama will be Prez in 2008", people would have laughed their heads off and called you delusional, retarded, stupid, idiotic, moronic and everything else under the sun to convey emphatically  to you that you were talking with less than half a deck.

Getting worked up over Palin just proves the power this woman has over everyone who sees her, hears her or reads about her. She is a true phenomena, even more than Obama.

Yesterday, I spent a great evening with my close buddies,  a majority of whom are NDP or Lib voters. We always agree to disagree. They love Michael Moore and two of the couples had gone to listen to the fat one when he put in an appearance in Toronto recently. We had a great discussion with yours truly saying the most outrageous things about the fat one and the lefties saying the usual things about Bush that they know will rile me up. We spoke about Obama with the lefties telling me "not to believe everything I read" and me telling them that "I believe what I see and I saw 8 bows" and of course we spoke about Palin. They said the usual thing "she is empty-headed, how that McCain nominated her as VP is a wonder" and me saying "I wouldn't nominate you to boil an egg" and stuff like that.

Moreover, friends who have a good overall rapport on most ideas, should not trample that rapport underfoot because of their differing views about a third party, that would be the height of silliness.  Also, divisions between friends tend to be  "crowing sessions" to those whose lives depend on such missives.  Enough said.

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