Friday, November 27, 2009

Wish we could DDT Unions into oblivion ... greedy gluttons!!

Locomotive engineers at CN Rail are threatening to strike. People are losing their jobs left, right, centre, above, below and in every nook and corner and these greedy gluttons want more and more and more. Instead of being thankful that they have jobs to go to, these morons are happily giving in to the instigation of their Union bosses to demand additional  benefits. We are in a blasted recession but lo and behold some greedy folks do not give a damn about the millions of people out of work. They want to rub salt into the wounds of the unemployed who would be more than grateful to work double hours for half the pay and benefits these CN Rail employees are taking home.

These people are major whiners, just listen to the "Pros" they list about their jobs at the CN Rail  forums:
1) Money is good only if you look at the $,Benefits,Shares,Pension.
2)The paycheck is OK and it is only usually an 8 hour shift, you don''t have to stay for overtime. The Dental plan is OK
3) pay and benefits. but the caveat is the employer whittles away at the benefits package at every opportunity.
4) Good pension for existing employees
5) CN pay is very good but that is totally it!!!
6) The only good thing about this place is the money. I don't know anything else positive to say, its sad really.
7) Scheduled work windows, safe environment, great pay.
8) Field positions don't have a boss looking over your shoulder at all times, actual work itself is not that physically or mentally demanding. When supplied, equipment (tools, vehicle, etc) are a great asset. Benefits (insurance, 401K, stock) are good.
9) Stable employment/job security; average salary but total compensation/benefits is good; learn from peers/work with some really smart people.
10) The pay is good .
11) Great pay and excellent benefits. You also have the ability to move up and a fast pace. You also have the option to transfer to a different job if you are unhappy. The coworkers and supervisors are very helpful and will teach you all the skills you will need to be successful at this job
and then go read their "Cons"  which sound more like they were asked by the Union representing them to list everything that is wrong with their jobs and forget the good stuff altogether.
If these workers are really and truly this unhappy with their jobs, shouldn't they be looking for something else  and leave the field open to those who will appreciate having employment in these tough times?  
What an upside down world we are living in !!!

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