Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brain dead activists lay seige to Prentice's office ... Gandhism gold medal award # 4

Yesterday, seven environmental numbskulls laid seige to Jim Prentice's office in Calgary and disrupted the normal workings of his staff.

And, the Globe and Mail's silly drivel calls their act "genteel". Their genteel act of civil disobedience is meant to amplify their message that Canada is blocking progress at international climate change talks, and that Ottawa should move more aggressively to cut emissions that are linked to potentially catastrophic changes to the global climate.

One reader had a great suggestion for the protestors, and I hope the next time the "journalist" who wrote this crap, decides to write anything to do with the environment, he will take this advice for himself too.
Here's an idea - since these guys won't leave give them some reading materials - I suggest they can read all of the downloaded documents from the CRU that shows how the climate 'scientists' manipulated data, conspired to shut out scientists who had opposing data, and refused repeated requests for their data through FOI requests and have destroyed the data in some instances.
The G & M is not interested in reporting any of the information - so maybe the protesters can have an education moment. Posted by MJMSask 11/23/2009
MetroNews called the protest "peaceful" “People are already dying and losing their homes due to the impacts of global warming and we want the government to take a stand and we are here to urge them to act,” Wilson said. “We plan to stay here as long as it takes.”

Wilson said the group was persuaded to take action after a recent Canadian poll showed 75 per cent of Canadians are concerned by the lack of action.

What?!!! Where did Wilson come up with that 75%?  And who exactly was polled?  Were any Conservatives  polled?
The claims that leftists make are so outrageously wrong, most times level-headed people are left speechless.

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  1. PMSH is already a leader - he said that he would not sign a document that has 300 disagreement points and asked his peers to look at the big picture. This speech was buried.


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