Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did this happen in Canada or a muslim country ?

Howard Rotberg, whose grandparents died in Auschwitz, is the author of "The Second Catastrophe" and was on a book tour in Canada. What happened to him at a lecture he was giving at Chapters/Indigo, should make every Canadian worth his salt, bow down his head in shame. This is not what Canada is all about. This is not the Canada I was dreaming of before migrating to this great land.  It is very depressing to know that the governance of Canada by a Liberal government has brought us to this dangerous threshold.  This sort of behaviour is expected in muslim countries, not here. What is happening to Canada ???????   If there is no freedom of speech, then we might as well lay ourselves in coffins and get the thought police to nail  down the coffins and drop us 6 feet underground.  Better to die than live in fear of muzzies.
........The family name used by the person making the post was the name of a reputable Jewish family in Waterloo, who were well known to me. In fact the gentleman is the son of Dutch Jewish Holocaust survivors. I asked him if he knew of anyone in his family with the first name given on the posting. His response was interesting. He was sure that there is no such person in North America with that name. He said that since his family had been mostly wiped out in the Holocaust, he had made it a hobby to look for other people with his family name, in the hope of someday finding some relatives. With the internet of course it is far easier to make these searches than it used to be. He told me with some confidence that there could not be a person with that name in Canada, and that the name was probably made up.

Thanks to the footprints that everyone unwittingly leaves in cyberspace, and the pro bono legal services generously provided by Toronto law firm Weir Foulds LLP, the Court Order referred to above was successfully obtained.

What we found out when Rogers made disclosure was truly fascinating, and enlightening. At the same time it was truly frightening. The Internet subscriber from whose computer the posting originated was identified as Ms. Howaida Wahdan of Waterloo at an address listed in directory assistance under the name of Mr. Elsayed Khedr. The address was a few doors away from the Jewish family whose name appeared on the posting!

The Jewish family whose name was “stolen” for purposes of the nefarious internet posting were well acquainted with the Wahdan/Khedr family. In fact, up until recently, their children had played together! For some reason, the Jewish family told me, the Khedr child had stopped coming around to their house, just about the time of the posting!

The Jewish family told me that Ms. Wahdan is the wife of Elsayed Khedr, that they are well-to-do Palestinians, and that Mr. Khedr is an Engineer, working often in Egypt, while Ms. Wahdan looks after the children in Canada.

In today’s world, there are some Islamists who will riot and kill over a political cartoon. I am not pleased that Chapters has falsely accused me in print of making anti-Muslim “racist” comments. I am even more upset when it is alleged in print that I said “all Muslims and Arabs must die”. This could be dangerous to my life.

Does anybody care about all the lying going on? Does anybody care about the danger to Canadian authors?............
read the whole horror story - can you believe this is happening in Canada ?


  1. Trudeau's multiculturalism and Grit voting base with Chapter's censorship.Priceless.

  2. Maria,

    Last time I checked, Harper was a Conservative. I think you need to check your facts about who is running the country and the impact of their actions on the behaviour of the residents and citizens of our country.

  3. hi folks...despite all odds, I am still writing and publishing books in Canada. In fact, you can come see me on Sunday November 22nd as I launch my new book (my fourth) entitled, TOLERism: The Ideology Revealed, at Israel's Books, 870 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto. Everyone is invited, unless you plan to shout me down and call me a "f---ing Jew."
    Howard Rotberg

  4. Where's Waldo? ... the ruination brought about by the Lib "politically correct" govt will take a long time to purge. I agree with your take that Harper's govt should do more to right the wrong that has been done to Canada by years and years of Lib rule.
    Maybe, if the Conservatives got a majority they will start doing something positive about the "hell-bent immigrants" instead of always running scared like rabbits.
    Once they get a majority and if they still do not take action on these matters, then we the voters will know what to do the next time around.
    Political correctness proves to be the blight of freedom, again and again and again.

  5. Thanks for the Link! Poor Howard.

  6. What a horrifying and troubling occurrence and as a frequent Chapters/Indigo/Cole's shopper, I plan to step up my effort to dialogue with my local stores.
    In Calgary, we have had a despicable case of vandalism directed at the Jewish community and an act such as this and the one directed at Howard Rotburg, is a direct act of hatred towards all truth and freedom loving, Canadians.

  7. Maria,

    When did you immigrate to Canada? I am assuming that you moved here in the last decade or so. As such, if you were concerned about what Trudeau did to the country, or what Chretien or Martin did, why would move here? Were you brought here by your parents since you were a minor or did you make a conscious decision to move to a country where you despised the politicians who were elected to run the country at the time?

  8. Where's Waldo? ... I will freely admit that I knew two hoots about politics when we moved here about 15 years ago, and I knew less than nothing until about a year ago.
    What opened my eyes were the protest marches all over Canada with Hamas supporters marching hand in hand with Canadian leftists and the Canadian gay community as well as the Canadian feminists. These marches spewing hatred at Jews in the guise of anti-war protests, blew me away and I started reading up and trying to understand what was happening in the country I had fallen in love with.
    Opening the doors to immigration is great. I am not denying that ... not at all. If not for that, I would not be here.
    What I am totally against is getting in people who are detrimental to the progress and well being of Canada. You do not see Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists or if we are talking countries... then Chinese Canadians, Hindu Canadians, Latin Canadians ... protesting in the streets in support of terrorist organizations. I have seen supporters of terrorists having a louder voice in Canada (Hamas, Hezbollah, Tamil Tigers) than anyone else.
    Have I missed some rowdy, hate-filled protests by the Right-wing groups in the last decade ? If so, please provide links.
    And for heaven's sake don't give me crap about some Nazis in Canada and call them "conveniently" right wing. There is nothing "right" about nazi-like individuals no matter how much and how loudly the left want to paint them as such.

  9. The use of sock puppets accounts for posting is far from being a "muzzie" (your word choice) issue.

    Fraud and identity theft are serious issues, but they're not the the property of particular religions and it occurs in Canada quite frequently. Most people who commit them wear pants. I await your pants-wearing-condemnation post with baited breath.


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