Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who will cry the loudest that the Canadian Govt should find these potential terrorists....

and bring them back to Canada, at Government expense, so they can lay low in their nests, waiting... waiting?
Several Somali-Canadian families are asking what happened to their sons after a group of young men apparently disappeared from Toronto two weeks ago.

They left town without notice, and have not contacted home since. "They didn't even tell their parents," said Omar Kireh, administrator of the Abu Huraira Centre, the Toronto mosque where the men occasionally worshipped."

What we read and see in the MSM, including blogs from the left, should be like a game for Conservative bloggers. How about jotting down the names of the publications, TV talking heads and the names of the bloggers who are sure to pop up soon, if not already,  playing the defensive roles, with the most silliest of excuses for the Somalis that have disappeared from Canada. Not one of them will admit, what should be plain on their ever growing noses, that these Somalis have gone somewhere for Jihadi training.

What are the chances that these missing Somalis have gone into training either to carry out attacks against the Federal govt of Somalia or to learn how to be a jihadist. That delicious course will include not only how to make bombs but also there is growing suspicion that strains of deadly diseases like the plague are experimented on for potential mass terror attacks.

What are the chances that they are also learning how to kill captains of cargo ships.
"The captain of the chemical tanker died last night from gunshot wounds he got during the hijack," a pirate who gave his name as Mohamed told Reuters. "The ship is headed for Haradheere with the dead captain."
What are the chances that these same Somalis gone missing from Canada, will months from now, surface in some Somali or Sudanese prisons, and there will a hue and cry from the leftist press and the usual brain-dead bloggers that "Harper is a racist for not bringing them home without delay".

What are the chances that these same Somalis will one day, at the instigation of the Left, sue the Canadian govt for not doing everything under the sun (including sending out a full regiment of Canadian soldiers) to rescue them from the holes they dig for themselves.

Yes, what are the chances!!!!

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