Sunday, November 15, 2009

Jihadis of tomorrow rampaging in France

Any damn excuse will do. Losing a soccer match, a sideways glance at their burka clad gals, an infidel chewing gum during ramadan in their presence, all  are damn good excuses for the muddled islamist brains to start burning anything and everything they can lay their hands on. There's more at vladtepes.


  1. I was in Paris, France in November 2005. There was rioting in the suburbs (banlieues). If people want to stop the so-called Islamists in France (and elsewhere in Europe), treat the non-European French equally with other Europeans. Give them jobs. Don't discriminate against Muslims.

    Legally, everyone is equal in France. Socially, the opposite is true.

  2. I was in Paris a few years ago and saw several young muslim men getting arrested for unrest...the MSM never shows what's happening there and has been happening for the last several years.
    If I was an employer looking to hire people, these kind of hooligans would be the last kind of people I would give a job to. If muslims do not want to be discriminated against in France, they should learn how not to burn cars and private property. There are lots of other kind of immigrants in France (Asians from both east and south)... it's difficult for them too to get jobs... but you won't see them howling in the streets and burning people's property.
    One of the youths I saw arrested in Paris was making a ruckus outside a Jewish bakery, calling the owner all kind of names in the loudest of voices.
    Be real ... stop making excuses.
    It is because people like you make apologies and excuses for such vermin that they are empowered to carry on with the kind of behaviour that should never be tolerant in a decent society.
    Do a search and see how many Jewish businesses had to close because of the harrassment from these rogues ... in Paris alone.


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