Sunday, November 22, 2009

A thousand curses on McGuinty ... he has screwed Ontario ... big time

Blast the man and blast his HST. Worst ever premier this city has ever seen and ever likely to see in the next hundred years. Thank you very much moron. Bet you are laughing your ass off with your union pals and the other ahole, the mayor of Toronto. Between the two of them they have brought this city to it's knees.

I just calculated how much more my household will have to pay because of this man's inefficiency and the amount is staggering. Imagine retired people who are on fixed incomes... what a nightmare this must be for them !!!   Especially retirees who are living in condos will see their maintenance fees shooting up.

Residents of Ontario and BC can use this calculator to gage how much more they will have to pay on the items that will be subject to the additional 8% come July 2010.


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