Monday, November 30, 2009

Saudi Arabia's dirty money keeps the MSM quiet about their dirty war on Yemen

Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt leftist media will not report anything that goes against their leftish partners in crime. Anything that Saudi Arabia does is all fine and okay with the MSM. Maybe I missed it, but did anyone know that Saudi Arabia is bombing civilian areas in Yemen and that Iran has issued a warning that countries interfering in Yemen's internal affairs will have to answer to Iran ? No... of course not. Only a minuscule section of the media is reporting the Saudi Arabia's incursion into Yemen's airspace and borders and bombarding civilian areas with toxic materials. Can you imagine the dervish dancing that would have ensued from the MSM if even 1% of this kind of behaviour was deemed to have been carried out by Israel on their hamas pals ??

Houthi fighters say Saudi forces have intensified their attacks on northern Yemen, using unconventional weapons against civilians in residential areas.

According to the fighters, Saudis use toxic materials including white phosphorous bombs against civilians in north Yemen, Arabic-language Sa'ada Online reported on Monday. They said Saudi warplanes carried out at least 16 air strikes on Sunday, killing several civilians in the northern province of Sa'ada.

In a first-step to protect the civilian population from the raging war in Yemen, Amnesty International sent a letter to Saudi Arabia's Defense Minister this month, asking whether phosphorus bombs were used in the attacks.

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