Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Protesters in Montreal

I am not a fan of royalty either but you would not catch me protesting the visit of  royals. I wonder if these same protestors would come out in force if the Iranian madjacket or other similar madmen happened to be visiting their city. What silliness, what stupidity! Why do French Canadians go out of their way to show that they are different from the rest of us?  Is it an inferiority or a superiority complex?

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall continued their tour in Quebec Tuesday with a visit to the Montreal Biodome, but their trip to the Blackwatch armory on de Bleury St. was postponed as riot police tried to calm protesters in front.
About 70 riot police cleared the street in front of the armoury to clear the way for the arrival of the Royal couple. Two protesters have been arrested and about 150 others have been pushed up the street. Protesters carrying Quebec and Patriote flags had gathered across the street from the front entrance by 4 pm in preparation for the Royal couple's 5:30 pm arrival.


  1. "What silliness, what stupidity." That comment sums up most protests and protesters.

    Good questions.... I am not sure they can ever be answered.

  2. I can empathise with those who are not enthusiasts of royalty. Regardless, I support the symbolism as expressed here in Canada. Our system has worked. Our symbolism has worked despite the incumbents of the throne. We control them; not the other way around. British history through commom law has found a way to remove any non symbolic power of the Crown. The only sustainable power of the Crown is that of unity. I support the unity of Canada so then I support the Crown. A Republic does not have that symbolic heritage. Be wary of such changes in our relationship to the Queen or King of Canada. Symbolism is a very great power for unity. As for Quebecers, they benefited by the British Crown who supported their requests when France abandoned them.


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