Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A milder case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome

h/t Irene

Could have been worse. Instead of a pen in his hand, he could have had a gun. Thank God for small mercies when dealing with these kooks.
Coworkers told police that Hamid's actions were out of the ordinary and that he had worked at the kiosk for years. Police also said they weren't aware of a prior criminal history for the man.


  1. I'm SO glad he's going to get a public defender. Hopefully, the PD will get him off with a suspended sentence, and the community can get on with apologizing to him for whatever it was they did, that made him "snap".

    Perhaps the young gentleman could use some self discipline, and what better place to learn it than in the U.S. Armed Forces!

    Someone take him down to the recruiting office immediately!

  2. If this wanna-be terrorist was working at a mall kiosk for an extended period of time why did he need an interpreter to request a public defender?
    In the case of the Fort Hood Jihadist, it is obvious to me that the loony left has so inculcated the idea that if the authorities decide to keep a watch on a non-white citizen who is acting in a bizarre manner it is construed as racial profiling. Better to ignore the obvious danger posed by someone like this until such time as he/she has committed some egregious act of violence before taking action. That way no one can be acused of being a racist.


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