Friday, November 13, 2009

Flu deaths are down this year....So what's the swine flu hullabaloo all about ?

At least in Manitoba they are, and if someone would do a little bit of checking around, lo and behold it might come to light that flu deaths are down this year not only in Manitoba but all over Canada. But, lets not do that. The big pharma companies need to make some money to give a pedal push to the economy. 

Isn't the real story about H1N1 -- despite all the fears and panic over it -- is it's far less deadly than the normal seasonal flu?

I had that discussion with Manitoba's chief public health officer Dr. Joel Kettner and some of his first-year medical students who were observing his work yesterday.

Kettner has always said Manitoba has about 100 confirmed deaths from seasonal flu every year. This year, the only strain of influenza public health officials are seeing in Manitoba is H1N1. And so far, we've only had eight deaths from this supposedly very deadly disease.

Shouldn't the real story be, "flu deaths way down this year?"

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