Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palin: One can love her or hate her, but nobody, and I mean Nobody tires of her

If you were to take a quick brisk walk on the left side of the blogosphere yesterday, you would within a very short time, have had to get someone to take you to the nearest emergency ward and get a competent surgeon to look after your split sides. My ribs are still in pain from all that raucous laughter. That's how much fun I had reading the "nasty kind" feminist blogs, both here and down south. The more they punch into Palin, the more powerful Palin becomes and all the more pathetic her attackers look.  Fun, fun, fun.

At some point one realizes that , all these journalists and bloggers who are criticizing Palin are people who are truly unhappy with their lives. They just cannot get over the fact that someone, whom they perceive to be stupid, has become an idol of heretobefore unknown proportions. How can that be ? Why her and not me ? ... these are the questions these poor nobodies are asking themselves. The only outlet for their rage is a marriage between their cigarette stained frayed fingertips and the keyboard ... so off they go on a frenzied one-sided humping spree with Palin. Sad, so sad...these haters of Palin. Just picture Palin standing tall and strong, and these idiots  like little yipping doggies, dry humping her leg. After that, picture Palin picking up her foot with these leeches stuck to her ankle and kicking them into oblivion.

These haters of Palin are jealous of the woman. Palin has accomplished in her 40+ years what a whole lot of these empty headed feminist bimbos have never been able to, even if they are staggering towards their 6-foot underground dwelling within the next little while. Most of these feminist haters of Palin have never been mothers, having probably aborted their babies at least once during their lifetimes, never had a loving, strong, deep relationship with either a partner or husband, never had a proper family life, never had loving parents, never had a successful career, never known the joy of hunting, never even been on a single fishing trip and has never known a deep lasting friendship. There is nothing in their lives that is good and meaningful so when they see an embodiment of what a woman of character and substance is really like, they are burned with jealously and hatred of the worst kind. It hits them that they took the wrong path and now it is a bit too late to change their ways.

These critics who think so poorly of Palin and her supporters are people who have not only missed the boat, they have missed the:
and saddest of all, they have missed their own LIVES as well.

They deserve our pity.... but only if you have some of it to spare on total nobodies.


  1. I think you have got it pretty much nailed. Past it and too late for a meaningful life and unwilling, understandably, to face those two facts.


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