Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh lovely Day....lovely, lovely Day

I have a convert and all thanks to the corroding corpse (reminder to self: buy another sack of lime) aka Canadian Cynic. Linking to my "Lord Monckton on AGW fraud" posting led one of his readers to post a long comment with a request not to publish it as it is for my eyes only. The poster thanks me and many others on Blogging Tories for opening her eyes. She says that she listened to the entire session of Lord Monckton and has read everything at SDA and she is "damn mad" that she was lead down the wrong path by people she thought she could trust and she is now wondering "what other things" she had been wrong about and all this time she has been a regular donor and supporter of the left.

Her biggest beef is with the scumbag Mr.Day. She had a nagging feeling that he was a misogynist but never wanted to acknowledge it even to herself. She is revolted by his attacks on the females at Blogging Tories and she surmises that one of the recent departures of a female blogger from the Blogging Tories, is primarily because of the personal attacks on her by this bully. I could tell you a lot more, but suffice to say I have been given a number of juicy tit-bits which are being stored along with the other arsenal I have collected on the repulsive one. She has even directed me to a chubby hole where the slimeballs gather to talk about us and I have aliases too for the different names they post under. HAHAHHAHAAHA

Imagine a whistleblower deep inside the enemy's camp !!!

Now excuse me while I put on some great music and do a happy dance. Oh la la la la la



  1. Hey, wait a minute. Now I feel totally left out. There's a place where lefties gather to talk about you guys...and they never invited me??


  2. Oh my, yah, I know this won't be published, but I really must say, it doesn't take much to amuse you does it?

    Do you even have a job?

    How do we know you ain't makin' this up? Who is the chick? I get keeping real identity secret, but honestly, can't even divulge their online handle or their blog?

    If she (or he) thinks they're so right about their so-called change or disdain for CC or any other blogger. They should come out and own it.

    So which is it? You makin' this up? Or this individual is ashamed?

  3. Dodo - the word is actually tidbit, not tit-bit.

  4. Please, please tell me Ti-Guy's alias',

    Oh CK, are you worried about an enemy in your midst? LOL

  5. deBeauxOs - in this case it is a Freudian slip as the info I have deals with tits. HAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Boy oh boy .... oh boy HHAHAHAHHA

  6. If this person was dumb enough to fall for Lord Moron's AGW video, you're welcome to her.

  7. Wilson - we have to be careful with the delicate sage bush. She is trying to give up her addiction to smoking and is a bundle of nerves while she is in the throes of withdrawal.
    We must not try and mention in her presence how good it is to take a puff. Oh the joys of smoking, the sucking down of a delicious deep puff of smoke, the deep relaxing feeling that comes on all at once with that deep, deep puff. No, we must not mention the wonderful, wonderful taste, that too exquisite for words taste, of that faint smell and taste of nicotine hitting your tongue, then your throat then your brain and that wonderful floating feeling.
    So... Wilson please be good to the bush. We don't want to be blamed for CK taking up smoking again.

    And... for T-Guy's real persona.... think SUB. Like sub-human, sub-culture, sub-man - sub something and you will be close, very very close and probably right.

  8. subway sandwich? submarine races? subaru outback? the anticipation is unbearable.


  9. Right, CK. Because Robert Peter John Day and his ilk have such a strong history of tolerating dissent.

    Anyone within that particular group knows full well precisely how far they'll go to harrass someone who criticizes them. So of course they should willingly expose themselves to that.


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