Monday, November 9, 2009

Anyone in this pic remind you of your grandpa or grandma? Gandhism Gold Medal count = 2

Lovely pic, eh? This innocent looking group of oldies who likely need help crossing a busy street, cut through three security fences to reach an area near a nuclear missile storage facility at a naval base in Bangor, Washington.

These protestors are anti-nuclear weapons and are members of Plowshares, an organization that holds protests worldwide. You have to wonder who is behind the funding of these kind of orgs. While their hopes for a nuclear free world are laudable, their actions in Bangor were definitely criminal and I hope they get the maximum penalty for trespassing.

I simply cannot understand why these lefties think that it is perfectly okay to ignore rules of law?  I find it strange that these are the same people who want to empower governments with more authority so they can introduce additional laws and at the same time they go about merrily breaking them at almost every protest they attend.

Count of Gandhism Gold Medal awards to Leftist protesters breaking laws = 2 and counting


  1. These groups have been funded in the past by Moscow, and are referred to as 'useful idiots'

  2. I doubt the Plowshares movement would take a single red cent from Moscow.

    They're a Catholic movement, and have been funded by a variety of Catholic charities.

    They base their activism on holy scripture -- more notably, on the book of Isaiah. They oppose nuclear weapons because they believe nuclear weapons are essentially a crime against God.

    You don't necessarily have to agree with them, but I'd suggest you ought to respect their dedication to their religious beliefs.


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