Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Amanda Lindhout is freed from the clutches of somali animals

A Canadian and Australian journalist were freed on Wednesday after more than a year in captivity, Somali officials said. Police spokesman Col. Abdulhai Hassan Barise said Canadian Amanda Lindhout and Australian Nigel Brennan are at a Mogadishu hotel with Somali lawmaker Botan Isse Alin. Barise and Alin declined to say if ransom was paid for their release.

And what about the child that Lindhout was carrying? The pregnancy was a result of her being gang raped by the animals who kidnapped her and kept her in captivity for over a year.

If only the MSM would carry this story in all it's truthfulness, then it would probably prevent other naive journalists like Lindhout from venturing into the jungles which are the countries of beings who cannot be called human.

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  1. The 'pregnancy' was anonymously reported to a Mogadishu news outlet who published the information without verifying it.

    In recent interviews, Lindhout does not say she was pregnant so it's possible that whoever reported that saw her with her belly distended by dysentry and made an assumption. Or if she was pregnant, she probably miscarried given the state of her health while in captivity.


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