Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Winning 2 out of 3 = WIN. That's LOGIC..... a word missing from lefty dictionaries

The two gubernatorial elections in NJ and Virginia were outright wins, although I read on one of the blogs that ACORN has their dirty fingers plunged deep into the NJ results and are crying "foul" because in spite of tricks and threats, a Republican won the governorship.

If the candidate in NY-23 had won, it would have been a huge feather in Sarah Palin's cap and being the realist that I am, I had used the word IF in an earlier posting, so the lefty blogger  gloating at Hoffman's loss, is amiss as usual.  I had my doubts, as after listening to Hoffman I felt he came across as pretty insipid and not forceful enough. Many intellectuals who are at heart just simple people, tend to sound less convincing than the boisterous windbags we are fooled into thinking are God's gift to mankind.

Moreover, after the betrayal of the GOP candidate Dede something endorsing the Dem candidate, probably to please her husband who is a somebody in the Unions, I thought that if Hoffman won, then Palin's cap would become invisible having a multitude of feathers covering it, as it would prove beyond a doubt that Hoffman won against all odds only because of Palin's endorsement. It was not to be, and the reason is because  6% of Republican voters chose to vote for Dede, a candidate who had already opted out of the race after sucking almost a million $s from the Republican party, and whose name was still on the ballot. Quiet a disappointment. I will make like Whoopi Goldberg here and say:
"A disappointment but not a disappointment, disappointment".
Sarah Palin had this to say at her facebook:
The race for New York’s 23rd District is not over, just postponed until 2010. The issues of this election have always centered on the economy – on the need for fiscal restraint, smaller government, and policies that encourage jobs. In 2010, these issues will be even more crucial to the electorate. I commend Doug Hoffman and all the other under-dog candidates who have the courage to put themselves out there and run against the odds.

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