Friday, November 27, 2009

Unions lost .........Wal-Mart won !!!

I hope Wal-Mart will never give in to the pressure from the Unions.  I believe almost none of their stores in North America have any union association, although there was some talk about Wal-Mart looking at a Chinese union for their workers, whether it was for their North American workers or for their workers in China (if they have stores there) ... I  don't know. Wal-Mart knows that unions are like a cancer that kills an enterprise in its infancy. My hat's off to the CEO and the people at Wal Mart who stood firm on the Union issue. To show my appreciation I am going to Wal-Mart Toronto today to spend some money.

The Supreme Court of Canada says Wal-Mart was entitled to close a store in Quebec in 2005 just as employees were about to unionize.


  1. Wal-Mart is hardly an 'enterprise in its infancy'.

    I never shop at Wal-Mart. Never. I support local business people who re-invest in the community and who offer quality groceries & products - produce grown and meat raised in Canada, and goods also manufactured here or at the very least, not in sweat shops.

    Cheap prices are no bargain if the food is contaminated with formica or clothing is unwearable after two launderings.

  2. I really must disagree with you here. Were it not for unions workers would still be working 12 hour days, 6 days a week for peanuts. You pay for what you get, and Wal-Mart is an example of that truism.

    As for the Supreme Court decision, certainly any firm has the right to fold up it's tent anytime it pleases, I wouldn't consider that a victory for Wal-Mart, just a confirmation that they are cowards.

  3. Rick Thomson - you said:
    "Were it not for unions workers would still be working 12 hour days, 6 days a week for peanuts."
    So pray tell which companies are doing that in Canada?

  4. "So pray tell which companies are doing that in Canada?"

    None. Organized labour has lobbied for years successfully for labour standards. Did you think it happened because benevolent employers collectively decided to give their workers a break?


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