Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is our Health Care system really this bad?

Or are the Americans trying to show our system in the worst light possible.

...... In Canada, unions control the entire health care process. In Manitoba, for example, there is an eight-month wait for colonoscopies, yet the unions do not permit weekend or evening procedures, thereby extending the waiting lists.

The unions are doing to health care in Canada what they have done to education in America — stifling creativity, reinforcing bureaucracy and extending waiting times.

Because of these long waits for colonoscopies, there is now a 25 percent higher incidence of colon cancer in Canada than in the United States. And, because the leading drugs that we routinely use to treat the malady in the U.S. are banned in Canada because of their high cost, 41 percent of Canadians who get the cancer die of it, compared with only 32 percent in the United States. Overall, the cancer death rate in Canada runs 16 percent higher than in the United States. Cancer does not wait for waiting lists to clear............

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  1. Why are you not living in the states. I did and if I had stayed there I likley would have died 10 tears ago from cancer.


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