Monday, November 23, 2009

Conservative Govt. to introduce new bill on child pornography

At long last !   This is a first step in many more steps to take. Thank you PM Harper and PM Harper's Conservative Government. There was no hope in hell of something like this ever happening with a Lib government. The Lib Govt. gave us grannies talking about sex on TV accompanied with the most disgusting hand gestures , all types of porn on channel 7 after midnight on Fridays and much, much worse. We were told that talking openly about sex and seeing how it is done, is good for us. Yeah right !!!!!!!!!

Canada's lax laws on child pornography has long been a cause of concern not only in Canada but in parts of the world where the authorities do their best to stamp out this scourge. A few months ago, I was talking to a couple who had come back from a holiday in Dubai, UAE. They said that someone there mentioned to them that they get the "best" child porn from Canada and they debated that statement being made by their Arab acquaintance, as false and completely off the mark. Sadly, they were wrong, the Arab was right. Canada is the world's second largest warehouse for child pornography. Know it, acknowledge it and hang your heads in shame.   The Conservative Govt taking measures to do something about it, is very, very welcome.

New pornography laws

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