Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glenn Beck....... he's bacccckkkk !!!

Segment from today's show. Calls a terrorist, a "terrorist". How refreshing, how sane, how true. Thank you Glenn.  Thank you, thank you.


  1. Bringing light to the darkness of mainstream America's paranoic perceptions, Glenn Beck nails it. Imagine, being more afraid of Sarah Pallin than these wackos who ambush and distribute death like real life reapers. This sure brings a new homegrown definition for the word TWISTED.

  2. I am a big Sarah fan. Beck is annoying, in a very important way...he gets to the truth.

  3. hunter - yeah. He is the voice of reason and I like him all the more because he is like a crucifix shoved into the faces of the vampiric left.
    BTW, have you read the long apology to Bush and family that the democratic blog HillBuzz has published? SDA has the link. The comments there are almost 400 strong. People are waking up. Better late than never. What happens in USA will follow here too.


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