Monday, November 16, 2009

PM Harper in China ..... upstages the other guy... you know who

Laid back and unassuming—typically Canadian—Canada’s Prime Minister does not project rock star status. But quiet, likable, get-the-job done Stephen Harper is trumping Obamamania in China.

And, because I love to make lefty lives pure hell, let me quote some comments to the article from American readers :
Why will you Canadians never listen to me? This has to be at least the fourth time I have proposed this. We'll give you Obama , Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Kerry, the entire Kennedy clan, Oprah and at least 15 future first round draft picks. We'll take Harper in a heartbeat. Yes, if we must, we will sweeten the deal. What else can I unload on (er....I mean "offer") you ? How about Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Chuckie Schumer? ....Posted by Tom Stillings on 11/16
This is my second offer to you, Judi.
Even-Steven Trade: Obama for Harper. I'll even throw in Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, and Bo the dog.
Obama is following in the footsteps of Hoover and FDR who prolonged the US Depression unnecessarily through Tariffs, Higher taxes, and other serious flirtations with Socialism.
Tariffs bespoil free trade and friendship, while higher taxes bespoil the domestic economies and drive jobs overseas. Both are losers for the users.
Conservative Steven Harper and the Communist Chinese, a pole apart, can see what is plain as day, one must easily conclude that it is "Dear Leader Obama" is out of step.
Lower corporate taxes and good reciprocal trade make the world go around.
I demand to see Obama's college transcripts: It is clear he knows nothing of Economics, much less Diplomacy with our Canadian friends and neighbors. He only gives lip service to the contrary.... Posted by LTC[Retired] W. R. Mann on 11/16


  1. We are not trading PM Harper for anything, especially not Obama.

  2. Yep, no trade. At least we have a man inside the suit, yours is empty.

  3. Just to further compliment our PM and his wife, Laureen. Mrs. Harper is also causing quite a stir with her gracious manner and very stylish persona. In world politics, a charming and elegant spouse is a treasure. Cheers.


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