Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Globe & Mail's utter rubbish

pics of PM on sub and at Tim Hortons

I found these at the Globe&Mail with a write-up and I must be more dense than you thought or  because I am a Canadian of only 15 years and not used to your "Canadian way of thinking", I simply do not understand this:
Since the spring, the PMO has effectively set up its own picture service, e-mailing photos to Canadian media almost daily in an effort to find a market for publicity shots of Mr. Harper's activities. It's a service that ultimately competes with the work of photojournalists, but one, they argue, that should not be relied upon as a record of events.
The mislabelled Harper picture is evidence of that, photojournalists say.
 “That's why you rely on independent journalists to gather news,” said Graeme Roy, The Canadian Press's director of news photography
Could someone please educate a farily new immigrant to Canada:

Why would the PM's office not distribute their own photographs of the PM?

Why would the PM's office have more faith in the independent journalists who are always trying to find adverse news and photographs of the PM ... case in point, the communion wafer silliness. That's what you get when newspapers rely on independent journalists for their news.

Why would the PM's office not distribute a photograph from a rehearsal ?  Is it wrong to assume that the PM's office wanted to make sure that the newspapers had at least "one photograph" of the PM performing, given that the MSM hardly show the PM in their newspapers or their broadcasts?

I don't think the PM's office should have apologized for the rehearsal photograph.

Contacted about the photo, the Prime Minister's Office acknowledged that it erred in distributing a rehearsal picture that was captioned as the gala performance and said it should have sent out a correction. “We strive to make no errors on stuff that we put out. Unfortunately, sometimes, we're human and we do make a mistake,” PMO spokesman Andrew MacDougall said
They did  nothing wrong by distributing the rehearsal photograph and should have instead said: "We gave you the rehearsal photograph in the hope you would not delegate  a one line item about the PM's performance in the innermost pages of your publication, and hopefully will give him more than one line now that you have a  photograph and cannot make excuses that a photograph was not available."

It is  time the PM's office spoke up about the MSM and their bias against the Conservative PM. The whole country knows how the MSM were fawning over the Lib PMs, even a dense immigrant like me has noticed the difference.

Globe and Mail - for heaven's sake wake up and smell the coffee being brewed by a goodly number of us new immigrants and even the "dense" ones like me can see through your leftist agenda.  At least our PM has not declared war  against any segment of the news media like the man down south who is your idol, has done.

What a load of crap for a mislabelled photograph.


  1. It a matter of honesty if you do not understand that what else can be said.
    If you are honest and truthful all should be able to see and hear what is said and done.

  2. Our media just doesn't like not having total control,
    it lessens their ability to 'make or break' a politician:

    ''...and hopefully will give him more than one line now that you have a photograph and cannot make excuses that a photograph was not available...''

    So I'm betting the media has used that 'excuse' repeatedly, as their defence in not covering PMSH.

  3. As a "dyed-in-the-wool" Canadian, I have to say that nonsense from the MSM is NOT the true Canadian way of thinking (actually, you probably know that by now). It is the typical leftie moonbat way of thinking though, and they drive the MSM.

    I'm with you, though, the PMO should not have issued any apology -- none was required.

  4. The old fellow - your senility(leftism) is showing.


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