Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ontario's job losses

October statistics say that  the Private sector's job losses = 10,000 and the Public sector = 8.800.  Total jobs lost the past year = 234,000

A few days ago I got in touch with my usual employment agency to notify them that I was still alive, kicking and willing to take up whatever is around. The conversation went like this with the recruitng consultant I have known for almost 15 years:

Maria : Hi. How are things. Got anything for me, I am going bonkers sitting at home.
Recruiter: Maria, you need to have more patience. Things are still pretty dark.
Maria: Oh really? How bad? Like I said before, I don't mind something lower down on the ladder.
Recruiter: I know, I know. You will just have to wait a bit longer. I have your file right here near me, believe me.
Maria: So... nothing from the usual company I am assigned to?
Recruiter: No. Unfortunately, they are planning on cutting back some more.
Maria: Oh no. Jeez. I liked them.
Recruiter: Yeah, I know. Would you like something during the Christmas week here at the agency itself ? A couple of us want to take the time off.
Maria: Hmmm......let me think on that.
Recruiter: Okay, let me know later. No matter what, come over for the Christmas party.
Maria: okay, bye for now.

Yup.... things are not so good  in Ontario.

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