Monday, November 30, 2009

Kudos to our Labour Minister, the Hon.Rona Ambrose

Unions are not wanted any more. Their usefulness is long since past.  It is about time the Canadian govt. put their foot down when essential services are held back from taxpayers at the whim and fancy of the Union overlords.  And the timing of this strike!!  They bring it on just a few weeks before Christmas, knowing it will make life a little more difficult for the sellers and buyers of Christmas gifts. 
Yes.... I can believe now that Sid Ryan hates Christmas along with Israel.

The Federal government tabled legislation Monday to order striking CN rail workers back to work.
Labour Minister said she would have preferred the two sides to come to an agreement on their two-day-old strike, but said she has no choice since weekend talks failed.
She said the strike by 1,700 train engineers is a threat to economic recovery


  1. Absolutely - this whole movement is 1930's Canadian communism.

  2. Unions are the last defenders of worker's rights against the capitalist pigs that are exploiting the world in order to gorge themselves on excess. Marxism is the only way to bring true social justice to the planet, ushering in Utopia and ending all wars. If you cannot see this, perhaps you will go the way of the dodo...

    I support Bob Rae to be the Prime Minister of Canada. I just wish Stephan Dion had not been character assassinated on the campaign trail, because he could have brought heaven to earth.

  3. Marx-A-Million - Why am I not surprised. The usual nonsense spurting forth from yet another lefty.
    I visited your blog ... a typical lefty slurp slurp to Obama. So, Obama is your god, eh?! Good luck with that.


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