Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poisoned by exposure to depleted uranium in Bosnia ... claims a Canadian soldier

And that claim is probably true. If the armchair politicians who use NATO as a cover to satisfy their own lust for blood and mayhem use soldiers as surrogates for the killings abroad, then they should also take the responsibility for the aftermath of such sojourns into places and conflicts they know less to nothing about.

I think the Veteran Affairs department is staffed with idiots otherwise how else can you stomach    their stance
.... But the Veterans Affairs department maintains it's unlikely any Canadian soldiers were contaminated with depleted uranium because few, if any, ever came into contact with it while in service....
How do they know that ? Did they test the soldiers while they were in combat in Bosnia? How many times were the tests carried out? Did they run tests after their return from Bosnia?

If we can spend billions of dollars on wars born out of ignorance (Bosnia and Libya, to name just two) then we should be able to spend a percentage of that money to take care of those who fullfilled the politicians blood lust in foreign countries and came back much less the men and women they used to be.

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