Thursday, November 10, 2011

In which Quebec students decry the increase in tuition fees, South Sudan gets bombed by the muzzie northern govt. and a Russian missile cruiser pays us a friendly visit

....“This mobilization sends a clear message to the government that students will not accept higher tuition fees and will do everything in their power to overturn this decision,” march organizers said in a statement.

But the provincial government, which recently stood firm in a similar skirmish with unions, appears to be digging in its heels again. Mr. Charest said he won't back down on the higher fees, which will increase by $325 per year from now until 2016.

Russian missile cruiser pays a friendly visit to Vancouver port and city.

Dr. Daniel Pipes trying to make sense of Western logic re. the uprisings. The Arab upheavals of 2011 have inspired wildly inconsistent Western responses. How, for example, can one justify abiding the suppression of dissidents in Bahrain while celebrating dissidents in Egypt? Or protect Libyan rebels from government attacks but not their Syrian counterparts? Oppose Islamists taking over in Yemen but not in Tunisia?

Such ad hockery reflects something deeper than incompetence: the difficulty of devising a constructive policy toward a region where, other than in a few outliers (Cyprus, Israel, and Iran), populations are predominantly hostile to the West. Friends are few, powerless, and with dim prospects of taking control. Democracy therefore translates into hostile relations with unfriendly governments.

Both the first wave of elections in 2005 and the second wave, just begun in Tunisia, confirm that, given a free choice, a plurality of Middle Easterners vote for Islamists. Dynamic, culturally authentic and ostensibly democratic, these forward a body of uniquely vibrant political ideas and constitute the only Muslim political movement of consequence.......

Will NATO go to the rescue of South Sudan? The government of Sudan has started BOMBING South Sudan. Remember how quickly UN and NATO took action against Libya? The atrocities in Sudan have been happening for years and most of them are state sponsored. Even after the Christian-heavy South has separated from the largely muslim country, the Sudanese govt's lust for Christian blood has not ceased. South Sudan refugee camp bombed by muzzie Sudan. The bombings killed more than a dozen people.

Fort Hood churning out crazies

Nearly a century ago, in the 1920s, Austrian scientists Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn’t produce radiation. And since then, the theory of cold fusion -- or "low-energy nuclear reaction," as its champions now call it -- has popped in and out the public's eyes, notably hitting the cover of Time magazine in 1989.

Jonathan Koomey, an energy consultant who has advised the EPA, said any extraordinary discovery requires extraordinary proof. He said the E-Cat must be verified by an independent study conducted by scientists who are allowed access to the machine’s inner-workings....

Andrew McCarthy on how our leaders release known terrorists without a care for the citizenry.

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