Saturday, November 26, 2011

Suffer the children

Our children are being indoctrinated to think that a lot of depraved behaviour that goes under the cloak of "Gay Lifestyle" is something that they can experiment with and claim as their own natural feelings. The aggressiveness with which the gay lobby is trying to push their agenda is not making them any new friends .... quite the contrary.

RightSideNews has an article today talking about this issue and mention is made about how the Gay Agenda has taken hold of the Canadian schools' mandate. There are several videos within the article and from watching one of them I feel that the Gay & Lesbian lobby has become very aggressive in attaining their unholy goals not only in Canada but also in the USA. I am not a critic of gays, as long as they keep their sexual habits to themselves and not push them into our faces or try to indoctrinate our kids, all's well.  If they want to be like the muslims with their "accept our allah or else" then they are begging for an all out war from bloggers like myself.  So all you gays, lesbians or half of this and half of that, stay out of our faces and out of our children's lives.  Most of us don't give a rat's fart what you do behind closed doors.

Parents should be thankful for SUNTV and Brian Lilly for exposing this hateful agenda that the Ontario govt under the leadership of Premier McGuinty wants introduced in schools for children who still need  help from their parents to pull up their pants.  I find it hard to believe that Dalton McGuinty has fathered kids. No parent in their right mind would want their young children who are not even a decade old to be subjected to such a confusing agenda of getting to grips to understand these depraved sexuality issues. Is McGuinty trying to give employment to thousands of shrinks .... because, make no mistake, these kids will grow up very sick and confused with this "sick sex" education  shit. 
From RightSideNews: ... I have posted several articles on the very fast moving agenda in our schools that will cause terrible harm to our children. The homosexual agenda could destroy the moral fabric of our country as they target children, since that is where our future lies. Have you checked your local school's curriculum and textbooks? California's news law and our own government's initiative is on the move to indoctrinate our children into the homosexual agenda. Recent ad concerning the Canadian mandate which promotes the homosexual agenda in the Canadian school system, which the US is headed towards......

And, watch the vid below, see how a failed NDP nobody is hopping mad at SUNTV for enlightening us simple folks on the evil that our elected overlords are throwing at us.

If you are mad as hell with the tactics of the far left and the "sick sex" indoctrination that is aimed at our toddlers, write to as many people as you can in our govt.
Here, I am making it easy for you to contact them:
Ontario depts and write especially to the Ontario Minister of Education, Laurel Broten. Mrs.Broten has children, so I really really wonder what she thinks of the "sick sex" education that her Ministry wants to inflict on our toddlers in the Ontario public schools. Yeah .... Mrs.Broten, tell us pretty please.
Federal Ministers
and to the MPs.

From Brian Lilly blog: Trying to silence freedom of speech. ....Well now a lone man in Toronto has started a campaign not to shut us down but in a way to shut us up.

Michael Erickson, a high school teacher in Toronto and a candidate for the New Democrats in the last federal election has petitioned the board of directors of our parent company Quebecor, the Canadian Broadcaster Standards Council and the Advertising Standards Council over our decision to air an ad that he doesn’t like.....

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