Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The writing's on the wall for Iran ....

and for Pakistan too (I hope).  Lots of rumors flying around that a huge number of the Pakistani soldiers actually work on behalf of the Taliban and that there have been several undisclosed incidents (undisclosed to we the people, of course)  of ISI and Pakistani soldiers hand in glove with those killing and maiming NATO soldiers and personnel. Most telling is a little known fact that there are Taliban lineage guys fighting in the Pakistan army.  What could go wrong with that scenerio, huh?
So, about that incident on November 26 ?  Both sides knew exactly what they were doing and why.

Britian: Britain closed the Iranian embassy in London and expelled all its diplomats Wednesday after accusing the Iranian government of tacitly supporting a mob attack on its embassy in Tehran that left the building ransacked, papers destroyed and the Union Jack in flamesAt the same time, Foreign Secretary William Hague announced in a speech to parliament that the Tehran embassy had been officially closed and its staff had left Iranian soil.

France: France's Foreign Ministry says the country is recalling its ambassador to Iran for consultations after an attack on the British Embassy in Tehran The ministry says in a statement that France was moved to act "in the face of this flagrant and unacceptable violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and the gravity of the violence."

Germany: Germany summoned the Iranian ambassador to Berlin over the storming of the British embassy in Tehran Tuesday, saying Iran was bound under international law to protect foreign missions.

‘I gave the order today for the Iranian ambassador to be summoned to the foreign ministry,’ Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle told reporters after talks with his Greek counterpart Stavros Dimas. ‘We condemn the storming of the British embassy in Iran, in which the German school there was also damaged, in the strongest terms. This storming is in violation of international law, it is in no way acceptable.’  Westerwelle said Germany stood by Britain in ‘solidarity’ as a European partner, and noted that international law dictates the protection of foreign embassies.

Norway: Norway has closed its embassy in Tehran due to security concerns after Britain's mission was stormed by Iranian protesters, an official said Wednesday.   Hilde Steinfeld, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman in Oslo, said the decision to close the embassy was taken late Tuesday, but that Norway's diplomatic staff have not been evacuated from the country. "They're still in Tehran," she said.

Italy: Italy is considering closing its embassy in Tehran and will summon the Iranian ambassador to ask for guarantees for the safety of the country's diplomats after the assault on the British embassy, Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said on Wednesday. "We're seeking firm guarantees," from the Iranians, Terzi told reporters after testimony in parliament. "We're reflecting rapidly on the presence of our ambassador and our diplomatic personnel (in Tehran)," he said.

Netherlands: The Dutch foreign ministry on Wednesday said it was recalling its ambassador to Iran for "consultations", a day after Islamic militants ransacked the British embassy.

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal "recalled the Tehran ambassador for consultations. The reason is the violent assault on the British embassy and diplomatic compound yesterday in Tehran", the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Sweden: The Swedish foreign ministry sent for the Iranian ambassador on Wednesday to discuss what officials described as the "unacceptable" attack on the British embassy in Tehran.

Almost all the EU countries are standing in solidarity with the UK.  

I am rather surprised that we have not closed our embassy there or at least recalled our Ambassador to show our support for the UK. I hope the personnel at the Canadian embassy in Iran will stay on high alert and keep safe.  

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