Monday, November 14, 2011

Putin to NATO nuts ... "I dare you to attack Syria like you did Libya" or so I read it

Putin shows his displeasure with the USA, Britian and France regarding their action against Libya and makes no bones about what will happen if they make a stand against the Syrian govt.   He is right when he says that NATO has committed a violation of the UN resolution. Each and every NATO country involved in war crimes in Libya (and there were plenty) will have a lot to answer for in the near future. Case files are already piling up, according to bloggers in the know.

The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, launched a broadside against the Western intervention in Libya yesterday, describing British, French and US action as "a complete scandal and a complete affront to the international community". In "taking the side of one of the warring parties," he said, "they had committed a crude violation of the UN resolution".

Mr Putin was answering a question about Syria during a dinner with members of the Valdai group of international Russia specialists at a restaurant outside Moscow.

The sharpness of Mr Putin's response – he had said that any action against Syria that caused destruction of the kind that had happened in Libya, would be "quite unacceptable" – suggested that he would be just as combative a president internationally, if he wins a third presidential term next March, as he was in his previous two terms.....

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