Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In which Quebec launches a new party, the blast in Iran is attributed to you-know-who, mirror therapy works and other stuff

Quebec launches new party: I wonder if this is the work of the Master chess player Stephen Harper. Could this be the reason for all those remappings of  ridings and added allocations?

Explosion at ammunitions depot in Iran the work of Mossad? If so, then more power to Israel. This is exactly how modern warfare should be conducted. Target the military machine and assessories and not innocent civilians and their homes.

Mirror therapy for arthritis: I wonder if I could make my brain think I look like Angelina Jolie.

Waterloo man turns  car into robot tank: What did the Waterloo police do to him to make him plough through their offices in a "deliberate" attack?

Plastic money: Literally. Canada has new $100 plastic notes.

Slippery Slope ..assisted suicide almost here in Canada: The report, released Tuesday in Ottawa, recommends that Canada create a “permissive yet carefully regulated and monitored system with respect to assisted death.”

The Syrian situation: as many as 90 soldiers killed by supposedly other soldiers who are defectors.  Civil war between govt and the govt.'s opposition party who is rumored to have more than 20,000 strong street fighters with plenty of weapons on their payroll. Both sides to blame for the goings on there but we all know who will get the bulk of the blame to make way for a new regime.

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