Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wanna know what else Mayor Rob Ford has done for us besides sending tingles up our legs by pissing off rabid lefties?

Below is the News Release from Mayor Rob Ford listing his accomplishments to date. However, he has forgotten to add how he's accomplished to royally piss off the CBC, TheTorontoStar, TheGlobe&Mail and the rest of the lefty media and let's not forget  the limp-wristed downtown Toronto lefties  ..... much to the delight of his supporters.   The rabified (my word) lefty media is frothing at the mouth, even going after how much he spent on his business cards, how he is hoodwinking taxpayers, how stupid and ignorant the entire Ford clan happens to be, how the "savings" he's shown is just "smoke and mirrors", how he ... blah, blah, blah blah and more blah blah.  All the hate being spewed out by these raving idiots keeps us fully entertained and further re-enforces our support for Rob Ford.... so lefties ...please save your  breath  and  ink ... please STFU.

Dear Friends,
Just over one year ago, you gave me your vote to represent you as Mayor of Toronto. I want you to know that I, and my team here at City Hall, are always mindful of who the boss is. We are working hard every day on the issues that matter to you.
I campaigned on a commitment to roll up my sleeves and straighten out the City's finances. One year later, I am pleased to say we are making progress but, as I have said before, we still have a long way to go.

The following are some of the many accomplishments we have achieved since my administration took office:
$64 Million returned to taxpayers - abolished $60 Car registration tax (PVT).
$899,000 saved - reduced Councillors' annual expense accounts from $50,445 to $30,000.
$700,000 saved - reduced Mayor's Office budget from $2.7 to $2.0 Million.
$170,000 saved - eliminated paper news clippings, switched to electronic.
$48,000 saved - eliminated snacks at Council meetings.
$17,000 saved - Mayor turned down recommended pay raise.
Council supported contracting out garbage collection to residential neighbourhoods west of Yonge Street and in all City parks which will save taxpayers an estimated $11.1 million or 30% annually, and improve customer service.
Fulfilled a campaign promise to help Variety Village get a bus stop
The use of continuous controls monitoring for overtime was initiated in early 2011.
City council voted 40-0 to adopt stronger Whistleblower Protection and enshrine it as a bylaw.
Directed 2011 budget to target 0% Property Tax increase.
Launched work on a new Transportation plan for the City that focuses on road repair for vehicles, and a new subway line for the city.
Accelerated 2011 Budget process to end in February - reducing "unplanned" spending in 2011 by almost 2 months.
Doubled public consultation for 2011 budget process from 2 days at City Hall to 4 days - one in each Civic Centre.
Appointed a Special Advisor on the Arts. Recently announced an Arts & Culture Task Force chaired by Councillor Crawford.
City Council adopted a new graffiti strategy which will help clean up our city and eliminate tagging.
Council adopted a bike lane network that makes sense for Toronto, including the removal of bike lanes on Jarvis.
Spending more than $43 million on cycling infrastructure in five years - twice as much as the previous administration.
Public Works has initiated a comprehensive Downtown Transportation Study.
Posted Councillors' voting record online.
City Council endorsed my recommendation to designate the TTC an essential service. The province passed essential services legislation in March.
Forced changes to the leadership at Toronto Community Housing Corporation, a City agency, after an Auditor General's Report found wasteful spending cost taxpayers an estimated $4-6 million. The entire board at TCHC either resigned or was forced to step down by Council.
Established a Child Care Task Force chaired by Councillor Mammoliti.
Council unanimously adopted the Creative Capital Gains report, an initiative led by Councillor Thompson.
Responded to residents' concerns about a new bylaw impacting driveway parking and the by-law has since been repealed.
Established a Pan Am 2015 Secretariat chaired by Councillor Grimes.
$25 million in savings through the Core Service Review by rationalization of service delivery in a manner which does not affect front line services.
Ensuring the process for all social service (welfare) debit cards by electronic means at a savings of $5 million.

Open Government Committee has been formed of all the City's agencies, boards and commissions to focus on how all the divisions can strive for Open Government to best serve the residents.

TTC Board approved random drug testing of employees in safety-critical roles to safeguard public safety.
TTC created a new customer service liaison panel and appointed Chris Upfold as the TTC's first Customer Service Chief.

Council approved the ban of the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops.
Proposed a strategy for the management of the Emerald Ash Borer which is endangering 10% of the City's tree canopy.
Moving ahead on a Public and Stakeholder Consultation Strategy for the Parks Plan.
Thank you again for your ongoing support, without which none of this would have been possible.

I am looking forward to representing Toronto in Guadalajara, Mexico this weekend during the closing ceremonies of the 2011 Pan Am Games which will be coming to our great City in 2015.
Yours truly,
Mayor Rob Ford

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  1. Brilliant .I am already anticipating his second term when all the lefty pinkos are voted off council.


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