Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The drums of war, they are beating louder for Syria ... Cameron and NATO enticed ?

If the "at least one Arab state" mentioned in the article below happens to be Saudi Arabia, you can take it for granted that the UK and the USA will fall over themselves to oblige.

David Cameron has been urged by at least one Arab state to lead a diplomatic offensive against Syria, after successfully cooperating with regional powers to oust Col Gaddafi, The Daily Telegraph has learned.....

Let's see the beauty of Syria before it is destroyed and handed over to the caliphate.

The caliphate is unstoppable and it is gaining momentum with each passing day with the help of our leftists. Maybe the intention of the Western politicians is to entice the muzzies in the West to go back to the countries they consider to be their "homes" and leave us in peace. You never know what sort of labyrinth of a blueprint for our future our elected biggies have in mind. If that is the ultimate plan ... I for one can live with it  and close my eyes to the murder of innocents.... or can I ?

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