Saturday, November 26, 2011

Terrorism stems from Saudi Arabia, but ....

we all know how the Americans and NATO  are so bad with geography and maps that they unfailingly attack countries far away from the Saudis.

Four people have been arrested in the Philippines for allegedly hacking into AT&T's phone systems as part of a plan to funnel money to a Saudi-based terror group, according to police......

....AT&T Inc., based in Dallas, said last Tuesday that hackers unsuccessfully attempted to link mobile numbers with online customer accounts. It's unclear if that incident is linked to the arrests.

The hackers were working on commission for a terrorist group linked to Muhammad Zamir, according to the Philippine police. Zamir, a Pakistani, was arrested in Italy in 2007, where he was running a call center and allegedly buying information from Filipino hackers.

Since then, police said, Zamir's group has been taken over by a Saudi national...........

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