Sunday, November 27, 2011

The situation in Syria

For a balanced news grab of what's happening in Syria, I have not found a better blog than Joshua Landis's Syria Comment. The blog has all the relevant info floating around the internet highways, both pro-regime and anti-regime.

How strange it is that the Western powers have ganged up with the worst Sunni dictators to get rid of primarily the milder Shiite dictators and also the milder Sunni dictators while safeguarding the grand daddy of them all ... Saudi Arabia?  If only Iran was not ruled by the mad khomeinis and Amamadjackass, then things would have been different and instead of ganging up on the Shiites, who are definitely better educated, more progressive and are immensely a better people than the Sunnis who follow the madness spouting from Saudi Arabia, we would have been getting rid of the real evil ... wahhabism.

What a topsy-turvy world !!

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