Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christian orphanage bombed in Burma

Is it the Buddhists, Muslims or Hindus doing the dirty?  Why are the meek and humble always at the receiving end of murder and mayhem?  Why is there a news blackout on this atrocity?  I didn't see anything about this until a friend sent me a link.  So, why are we being kept in the dark when Christians are cut into a million bits or burned to cinders whereas the media screams out when a single blasted muzzie gets even a tiny little boooo ?  Why ?

A hand grenade thrown into an orphanage in Myitkyina in the north of Burma killed 10 people and seriously injured 27 on Sunday evening, according to residents.

Ten people including Dayaung Tangoon’s teenage son, Sai Kwan, one daughter and a 1-year-old grandchild were killed by the explosion.

Three buildings including the orphanage burned after the attack. Residents said they have no idea who was responsible for the bombing.

“At the back of Dayaung Tangoon’s orphanage, there is a path. Residents said that two people riding a motorcycle threw a parcel into the orphanage compound and shortly after that they heard the sound of the blast,” a neighbour said..............

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