Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joseph Wambaugh ... to the rescue to save UC Davis from losing a tonne of cash

If you enjoyed his books (I think I have read and loved every single one) you will like reading his opinion piece in the LA Times on the pepper spraying incident at the OWS-UC Davis site.

In light of the terrible financial crisis at our California universities, I feel the need to rescue UC Davis, whose administrators are, according to The Times, negotiating a price with the Kroll security firm in New York for none other than former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton to fly West and tell us what went wrong on the day that students were pepper sprayed. I can save the university a hefty Kroll consulting fee by suggesting that the administrators carefully peruse a few of the newspaper articles of the past week and all will be revealed to them.

They might start with Wednesday's hilarious Times photo of a student in a porkpie hat and bandanna mask mau-mauing the earnest but obviously flummoxed UC Davis chancellor, Linda Katehi, who actually seems to be recording the lad's rant. The bandanna mask suggests he's in full-on guerrilla mode and fears being seized and waterboarded by hooded men in a dank police station base.....

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