Sunday, November 20, 2011

In which we see the USA skidding into islamic hell, CNN gets to interview the Egyptian nudie, Canada is Israel's best friend and other stuff

This is truly unbelievable - America is gonna go Caliphate sooner than you think ....One of the more disconcerting images from the rally in Foley Square, aside from the representative of CAIR praising the Detroit imam who was shot by the FBI, was the presence of both the mother and father of three men who were part of the terror plot involving an attack upon Fort Dix. Even though they were not given prime speaking slots-as was the mother of one of the men convicted in the Herald Square bomb plot-the fact that their case was used as an illustration of law enforcement overreach led me to question the true motives of those behind this demonstration.......

US passport holder blows himself up in Pakistan.   A suspected militant who blew himself  up in southern Pakistan during a raid by security forces was carrying a U.S. and a Pakistani passport, authorities said Saturday. According to a statement by Pakistan's paramilitary Rangers, the dead man has been identified as Saeed Abdul Salam. He detonated an explosive device Thursday when troops raided his apartment in the port city of Karachi. Post-mortem tests on Salam's body confirmed the man died due to the explosion of a hand grenade, it said, adding "documents used for acts of terrorism were also recovered" from his possession.

Beware of false fund managers: Hedge fund manager sells fake Facebook and Groupon shares

Canadian tourists arrested in NY: Skimming scam at ATM machines in Manhattan.

Modern day warfare tactics: Pentagon says they will use missiles to get at hackers in foreign countries.

Beware of job advertisements on Craigslist or anywhere else for that matter. Just yesterday I was out shopping in one of our major malls in Toronto and happened to hear a few seconds of a conversation between a pretty young woman and a grungy looking man, the man was conducting an "interview" with the girl at the food bar. I hope she didn't go with him anywhere outside that place. Times are hard for many and youngsters are doing their best to find jobs but there are monsters out there waiting to take advantage of the young and gullible. This story is so chilling and written like a novel with job hunters becoming the hunted and killed for their money and possessions.

CNN gets an interview with the Egyptian nudist: Aliaa Mahdy is so young and yet so determined and thirsty for her liberty and free will.

Peter McKay is right - for once:   Canada and Israel are about to complete a number of defence co-operation agreements that will significantly tighten military bonds between the two countries as tensions grow over Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And Defence Minister Peter MacKay refused Wednesday to rule out a mutual-defence agreement that would oblige Canada to come to Israel’s defence should the latter be attacked.

Appearing together at a media conference in Ottawa on Wednesday, Mr. MacKay and his Israeli counterpart Ehud Barak said they anticipate negotiations will be completed by the end of the year. “Israel needs strong, reliable partners, which Canada is certainly one,” Mr. MacKay said. “I would argue they could not find a more supportive country on the planet.”

The writer Salman Rushdie hit Twitter on Monday morning with a flurry of exasperated posts. Facebook, he wrote, had deactivated his account, demanded proof of identity and then turned him into Ahmed Rushdie, which is how he is identified on his passport. He had never used his first name, Ahmed, he pointed out; the world knows him as Salman. Would Facebook, he scoffed, have turned J. Edgar Hoover into John Hoover?

What Obama does to America's allies: Inbar warned that Israeli has declined due to the perception of a reduced U.S. readiness to back its local ally in time of need as it had done in past crises and wars. He also anticipated the end of the Palestinian-Israeli "peace process" and expressed relief that Israel had failed to give the Golan Heights to Syria. Finally, Inbar warned of the threat of Islamist resurgence in the eastern Mediterranean and stressed the importance of Cyprus, and of Greece protecting it, in the face of potential Turkish designs on the island. Israel, he argued, would have to spend more on defense, especially its navy, in order to ensure its security and safeguard its rights to the natural gas fields that had recently been discovered in its nearby territorial waters.

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