Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ezra Levant on Obama the Manchurian President

IMHO, Levant was too kind in his opinion of Obama the destroyer of America. The damage that Obama has done to date will take years and years to repair. Just the thought that this commie Manchurian prez. might get another term in office gives me the shivers, so I can well imagine what the non-liberal Americans must be going through at this critical period in their country's history. This prez would rather let go of the 1000s of jobs that the keystone pipeline project would have created for the USA because he cannot go against his masters in Saudi Arabia. And, this is where I disagree with Levant. Ezra Levant thinks that the prez has yielded to the pressure from the greenies, but I am of the firm belief that Obama has trampled the project under his muzzie foot because he does not want Canadian oil to replace the oil coming to the USA from his masters in Saudi Arabia.

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