Saturday, November 26, 2011

At long last the REAL enemy is targeted .... whether accidentally or not

Pakistan the worst scourge festering on this our good earth is full of aggressive people just like the Palestinians. An analysis of the DNA of these two people will give the same results .... blood thirsty, aggressive trouble makers. These two peoples are unable to live in decent peaceful societies no matter which corner of the world they migrate to to spread their devilish spawn. Pakistan's army honchos are in league with Pakistan's intelligence services, the ISI, the organization that is responsible for many terror groups with tentacles all over the world. The ISI is largely to be blamed for the terrorist attack in India three years ago on November 26. What a date for this incident to happen, eh?!!!

....Fifteen more personnel were wounded and the death toll could rise as some of the injured were in a serious condition, several officials said. A military statement said the NATO aircraft "carried out unprovoked firing" on the border posts. Pakistani troops "effectively responded immediately in self-defence to NATO/ISAF's aggression with all available weapons".

General Kayani strongly condemned "NATO/ISAF's blatant and unacceptable act". While lauding the effective response by Pakistani soldiers, he issued orders for taking all necessary steps for "an effective response to this irresponsible act".

Within hours of the attack, Pakistani authorities sealed off the country's border stopping all container trucks and tankers carrying supplies for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan....

More here. If you want to know how deeply involved in terrorism incidents and terrorism funding the Pakistanis are, take the time to read this.    It's a long article and the details therein have been well researched. It's a great piece of journalism.

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