Friday, November 25, 2011

Obama and that Clinton witch .... architects of the volcanic Egypt

When empty-headed egocentric people are placed in places of power, nobody ... and I mean NOBODY is safe.

....Rami Mahdi, an engineer in a suit and tie, stepped forward. "We know the Tahrir people are being incited by the enemies of Egypt," he said. "We are awake to the plot and we will not be fooled by it."

The banners suggested the list of conspirators was long: America, Britain, Israel and the freemasons are the prime culprits for the renewed unrest. And any non-Egyptian in the crowd could have been an agent of any one.

"There's a foreign spy," one woman in a niqab whispered to a policeman next to us. "They're all right, they're reporters and they're with me," he said. The Guardian had sought permission from the Abbasiya police station to attend the rally after being detained in the same area two days earlier by a mob of men who had presented us to the officers as captives.

"Stay close to me," said a police captain who acted as our chaperone, as a wild-eyed man accused the Guardian of spying. "They have beaten some Turkish reporters down near the mosque," he added.

Above us, the clamour of shoes against posters strapped to the overpass sounded like a hailstorm on a tin roof. The energy of the rally seemed to build, dissipate within minutes then quickly gather pace again.

"This shouldn't be happening to Egypt," said Mohammed Abbas, a mechanic. "We cannot let things slip away. There has to be a process."

Abbas confessed to nostalgia for the Mubarak days, when things seemed simpler and more stable. "People talk about revolution as if it's a normal thing. It's not fun, it disturbs families," he said......

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