Thursday, November 3, 2011

The situation in Syria

The Muslim Bros, sworn enemies of Assad's father and also of the son, are getting more and more deviously desperate because they had  expected the USA and NATO to jump up presto and get into their massacre-making gear like they did with Libya.   Moreover, now it looks like Assad might give in to the call from the Arab League to halt the killings and get into a dialogue with the opposition who are fully funded by the Muslim bros. Folks, make no mistake with this Syrian scenario. The Muslim Brotherhood has been after this country for decades and they want to seize this "arab spring" opportunity to do so. The Muslim Brotherhood with help from Obama/Hillary has managed to grab Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and are making significant inroads in Yemen. Let's hope Syria  does not fall into their hands otherwise the slaughter of Christians and Alawites there will lead to a genocide before you can say "Assad's gone."

Joshua Landis's blog (link below) is all you need to read and understand the situation in Syria.

Warning: Graphic scenes of the dead Alawi civilians. .... This micro-bus full of Alawi civilians were killed today in Homs. A friend in Homs said that 11 were killed with axes. There were protests in Al-Zahara afterwards, an Alawi neighborhood in Homs.

The most telling piece is from TheTelegraph which is quoted in the above link:

Andrew Gilligan, of the Telegraph reports that the Opposition is beginning to kill as many Syrians as the Army.
“the death toll among the security forces is now starting to surpass that of the protesters. … Last weekend, across the country, at least 35 members of the army and police died. As the regime reaps what it has sown, what’s happening in this part of Syria looks increasingly like armed conflict.”

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