Friday, November 25, 2011

Homa Arjomand on the recent ruling on polygamy ...

and the additional steps we should be taking to do away with this plague altogether ..... totally and completely. In the vid at bottom she gives her opinion on the Afghan immigrants who murdered their daughters.

Hasn't SUNTV heard of Homa Arjomand?  I have  yet to see  any of the guys in a conversation with her on that network. Homa has been instrumental in keeping a lot of sharia related infringements from sticking to us secular folks here in Ontario. 
On Wednesday November 23, 2011 the British Columbia Supreme Court, Chief Justice Bauman ruled in favour of the section of the Criminal Code outlawing polygamous unions. Judge Bauman is heading in the right direction but we need to aim for an amendment of the criminal code with respect to polygamy. In order to prevent further victimization of women and compromising women’s rights for the sake of religious rights, we need to guarantee the rights of not only minors age 12-18 but also of all women who are somehow engaged in polygamist relationships.

What we the defenders of equality between men and women expect the government to do in their next step is to amend Act 293 more towards empowering women. Right now the assumption of this Act is that women and men have gained gender equality in these closed communities. The assumption is that women willingly enter into these relationships. But the reality shows otherwise. The truth is because of the policy of multiculturalism in Canada, sects and cults as well as organized religious groups were given room to grow. This means that under this policy they were given rights to keep and promote their ancient traditions, not only in homes and religious institutions such as churches and mosques but also such training has become part of the school curriculum. Children at these communities are told that one way to become close to their God, is to give birth to as many children as possible. Children are taught to follow their God’s wishes and one of those wishes is to stay in polygamous relationship so they can stay pure..........

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  1. Idiotic. This is a story about fighting child and spouse abuse. It has nothing to do with the act of taking more than one husband or wife. Call a spade a spade. The abuses she is talking about are already illegal here and should be. They are the product of backward cultures which also allow polygamy. Using polygamy this way is like making it the scapegoat. If you drive polygamy further underground you do little to help people seek help.

  2. Real men - Canadian-style - would die for their daughters instead of killing them. I grew up in wartime housing, among WWII vets, and know this to be true.

  3. Carmegil ... How would the discussion and exposure of increased incidents of spousal abuse or incest in polygamous marriages make the woman giving those opinions into an idiot?

    How would "polygamy be driven further underground" with the exposure?

    You, and I am guilty of something similar too, can just talk and opine here and there. At least this woman is doing something to raise awareness of what happens in backward cultures like the islamic one and for that she gets idiots like you calling her opinions "idiotic" .... nice, I hope you are happy.

  4. Frances ... Canada has changed for the worse since real men were around. Now most men are hiding behind "Liberalism" as an excuse for their cowardice.

    I have just started on "A woman of Egypt" on your recommendation. Had no idea it was written by Sadat's wife and that she was of mixed English and Egyptian lineage.

  5. Carmegil ... On further reflection I see that you thought Homa was talking about polygamy. She is not. She is opining about the murders in Kingston at the hands of the Afghan immigrants.
    Both you and moi were hasty with our written word.


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