Sunday, November 6, 2011

What they are saying about us down south ....

and I for one don't blame them. They are absolutely right.  We are churning out future time-bombs and other kind of bombs by importing muslim immigrants into Canada.

...."Canada is well-known for its lenient immigration policies, and, according to Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Canada ranks second highest in the world for active terrorist groups," she wrote in a column published on Thursday.

"Many believe Canada has a dysfunctional refugee system that all but invites terrorists into its fold because it is known as the easiest developed world country for applicants to obtain refugee status, and allows them four years to roam to and fro while awaiting the legal process."

While Brown acknowledges the 9-11 attackers didn't come from Canada, she says several suspected terrorists have attempted to enter the US from from their northern border.

"Rather than strengthening our security, it appears the administration is doing the opposite," she writes.

Meanwhile, STRATFOR, a global intelligence think-tank based in Texas, says when it comes to the threat of terrorism, the Canadian border is a bigger problem than the Mexican one.

"As STRATFOR has noted before, many terrorist plots have originated in Canada — far more than have had any sort of nexus to Mexico," a recent article on their website notes......

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