Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liberal senators .... wasting your money

It's no surprise that the top spenders in our Senate are the Liberals. Travelling all over the country and living it up in top-notch hotels is the order of the day for these guys. Their complete disregard for taxpayers' money spent on their egocentric whims and fancies while blatantly saying they are sitting on this committee here and that committee over there which makes it necessary for their constant travelling around, does not cut it.

If the Conservative senators are able to cut costs to the bare minimum and yet show all the efficiency we get from them, then there's only one conclusion to draw from this.  These Liberal senators are lousy at the jobs they are entrusted to do.

Here's the list of these big spenders, big spenders only when it's with taxpayers' money.   With their own big bucks, what are the bets that Scrooge might learn a lesson or two from them ?

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