Friday, November 11, 2011

Allen West knows the truth ....

and thank the good Lord for that. There's no one else in the entire govt. of the USA who knows the koran and the evil within it like the impeccable Allen West. I wish the guy would give a lesson or two to the many nitwits in our own govt of Canada.

....To begin with, we must correctly identify our enemy. It is frankly naive to say we are at war with “terror” because a nation cannot be at war with a tactic. Imagine, if during World War II, the United States went to war against the “blitzkrieg” or the “kamikaze.”

Further, we cannot narrowly define the enemy as simply al-Qaida or the Taliban. It is just as ridiculous to say we declared war against the 12th German Panzer Division or the 55th Japanese Infantry Regiment in World War II or the 7th Guards Tank Division during the Cold War....

via: ACT

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