Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Congratulations India ! Well done!

The gay community all over the world is in an uproar today because India's Supreme Court has reinstated a ban on gay sex. Good for India!  Congratulations for trying to stem the tide of depravity that would have followed had the Supreme Court ruled  otherwise. However, the tide of depravity taking over many parts of the world, can't be stopped.  We can halt its progress now and then and here and there but the holes in the wall of moral fortitude have already been made by the Left of the Western nations and the rest of us are too cowed down to protest with more than a whimper.

First comes the legalization of gay sex
Then comes gay marriages
Then comes adoption of children by gay couples
Then comes the increasingly dysfunctional children from such homes (very few studies done on this sad development because researchers are wary of what the bully LGBT community will do to them if they so much as breathe the real state of affairs)
Then comes more depravity from people requiring sex change 
Females  want to change to boys and boys want their penises cut off and replaced with holes (vaginas)
How long before women marry their favorite dog or men keep a harem of bitches ... the dog kind or a donkey or two.... all nicely legalized just like gay marriages of today?  That day is not far away but only longsighted people like moi who are labelled "haters" can see the advent of that day. 
I can visualize a woman going about the town with her dog-husband in a tuxedo or a man taking his favorite bitch or donkey-wife dressed in a nice shiny gown to an upscale restaurant for a romantic meal.

Below is an article worth reading in full.

Hilary White at LifeSiteNews:
.....Many people are scratching their heads and asking how we have suddenly found ourselves at the point where two men can be “married,” a woman can be called a “husband” and a man, a “wife,” and children are reduced to political bargaining chips in the adoption wars, when it seems just yesterday we were only talking about equal rights. Since when do “equal rights” mean deconstructing, dismantling, these foundational social concepts? 

If we read them closely, however, the activists themselves have begun to explain it in quite straightforward terms. For them, it has never been about “equal rights” but about the re-writing of our entire social order. The “gay rights” movement has always been, in Peter Tatchell’s own words, “revolutionary, not reformist.” ..........

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