Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Canada and Spain ... nice to see that both have MPs willing to withstand the scorn and attacks from the baby-killers in their countries.

In Canada ... MP Maurice Vellacott brings up the subject of abortion yet again. However, I think his noble efforts will be in vain.  Once you come to that fork in the road and decide to take the one that says "Depravity" ... there's no turning back. One "depravity" leads to another and endless others and there's nothing but depravity upon depravity to be found throughout that short road to nowhere.

From TorontoStar:
A long-serving Conservative backbencher  wants to strike two special parliamentary committees to examine the legal rights of “children before birth.”
Maurice Vellacott has signalled he intends to bring two motions before the House of Commons — one to examine Supreme Court rulings on abortion since 1988 and any “negative impacts” from those decisions, and another to determine what “legal protections Canada ought to provide children before birth.”
The move comes just weeks after fellow pro-life Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth brought forward a motion to legally recognize “the equal worth and dignity of every human being.”
“Frankly, this is for the best interests of children, the best interests of women,” Vellacott (Saskatoon—Wanuskewin) said Monday, adding that those who oppose his motions should “look at (the motions) on the face of it.”
“If they’ve got nothing to be concerned about in terms of the particular position they take, in terms of study, and they know it will just be confirmed by way of such a study, then I’m not sure what the harm would be in that.”....

........Both motions are almost certainly doomed to fail. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been consistent on having no desire to reopen the abortion debates in Canada, and his party has shut down numerous efforts by pro-life caucus members to do so..........

In Spain ...
 ....The current law allows abortion on demand up to 14 weeks, and up to 22 weeks if the foetus appears seriously deformed., or if the mother’s physical or mental health are at risk.
The majority of terminations are carried out in private clinics and paid for by the state.
Under the government’s plans, the procedure could only be performed in cases of rape or where the mother’s health is seriously at risk, and up to a limit of 14 weeks.....

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