Friday, December 27, 2013

Deputy Mayor of Toronto escapes a dark and freezing city to get a tan in Florida ... Latest on power outage situation in Toronto ... December 27

From CTVNews:
Frustration continues across   parts of Eastern Canada today, as thousands remain without heat or electricity six days after an ice storm first left thousands in the dark.
Homes and businesses in southern Ontario, Quebec and parts of the Maritimes continue to wait for electricity nearly a week after freezing rain and ice pellets snapped tree branches and downed power lines.
As of Friday morning, Toronto Hydro said more than 32,400 customers remain in the dark, while Hydro One reported 6,500 are without electricity. At the height of the storm, more than 600,000 customers in Ontario were without power........

Meanwhile,  the deputy mayor of Toronto Norm Kelly, you know the one who has been allocated the powers taken away from the rightfully elected mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford ... got himself a tan in Florida.  
His ward in the Scarborough area is one of the spots hard hit in Toronto but the deputy mayor still flew out of a dark and freezing city on Christmas day to be with his family in Florida for Christmas dinner.  Nice eh?!    
And, this is the man on whom the city councillors have deemed fit to bestow upon the powers that they have wrenched away from our rightfully elected mayor Rob Ford.  Wonderful, eh?!  
Ask yourselves this:  "Would Rob Ford ever have done what the deputy mayor did?"  If your answer is "Yes"  you are a fucking liar.

From TorontoSun:
....Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly left the country  Wednesday while thousands in the city were without electricity or heat and some were forced to spend Christmas Day in a city-run warming centre.
Kelly told CP24 Thursday that he left Toronto for Florida on Christmas Day and returned Boxing Day afternoon because it was important for him to have dinner with family.
“When you have a career in politics, you don’t see family that often and with its declining numbers, especially in the senior years, I thought it was important for me to be there,” Kelly, 72, said.
The deputy mayor was given many of the mayor’s powers last month by city council after Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine.
Kelly was present in the initial response to the ice storm beginning last Sunday...........

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